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Skincare isn’t just for the women in your life!

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The male grooming category has mushroomed in recent years, but men's skincare doesn’t need to be complicated, a few well-chosen products applied consistently can make all the difference to the long-term health of your skin.

Mens skin is fundamentally different to women’s with the male sex hormone, testosterone, being responsible for controlling sebum secretion, sweat production and hair growth. So let’s look a little deeper on how this translates through the skin.

The skin sebaceous glands produce sebum which provides your skin with a protective and waterproof barrier. The male hormones cause the sebaceous glands to expand and increase sebum production. Overactive sebum production is often stimulated by puberty and can be associated with enlarged, blocked pores and acne. Both Niacinamide & Vitamin A is your secret weapon for helping to normalise the skin’s sebum production. You will find these in our Wonder Cream!

Men’s skin is both thicker and has a higher collagen density than women. However, the thickness of a male skin does start to decrease from your early 20’s, so using products containing both Vitamin C & Vitamin A can support the synthesis of collagen. Our One Skin Multivitamin Brightening night Serum is packed with both Vitamin C & A to stimulate collagen improving the thickness and durability of the skin. Plus the added bonus that it brightens any dull complexions.

We can’t talk about male grooming without touching on shaving. Whilst shaving facial hair can provide the skin with exfoliation, it may also make the skin even more prone to irritation or inflammation. It can cause dryness, redness, ingrown hairs and even hyper sensitivity to products applied afterwards. Here at One Skin we recommend Protective Shield as a post shave balm to hydrate and soothe and restore the critical moisture balance. Protective Shield also restructures the outer layer of the skin to retain moisture more efficiently.

However, we know not all men shave, some have luscious beards that also need care and attention! The skin under the beard can get a little neglected, it is important to still look after it with a weekly deep, power cleanse. By mixing your daily pH Cleansing Wash with a little Microdermabrasion you can get between all the hairs and lift away the dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. If your skin is feeling dry or irritated, Protective Shield can be massaged into the the beard and down to the skin below, alternatively we love Omega Oil our fragrance-free facial oil which is packed with an incredible blend of 18 Active botanical oils, including Squalane, Argan, Amaranth, Jojoba & Linseed oil as a beard oil and skin hydrator

Here at One Skin we have made life nice and easy for you with our Men's Capsule Collection. Here you will find a simple routine to keep your skin fresh and healthy.


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