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Dress, Flowers, Photographer.... Don't Forget Your Skincare!

Amidst the chaos of all the planning and organising for your Wedding Day be sure not to neglect yourself and start a self care journey in preparation to get your skin, body and mind looking and feeling its healthiest.


If you are not blessed with naturally flawless skin then great skin doesn’t happen overnight, it will take a consistent, long-term approach for maximum results.

Ideally start your new skin routine at least six to nine months before the wedding. But don’t worry if you are short of time, I can help get you on track fast.


Ideally book monthly facials to really get the best out of your skin. An experienced facialist will not only design you the best bespoke Skincare treatment programme ready for your big day but will also advise you on the correct products to use at home.

Top Tip: Please leave extractions to the professionals!



Don’t underestimate the importance of Cleansing. Nothing works to its full potential if you haven’t prepared your skin properly. Remove dirt, make up, sweat, sebum and pollution with a sodium lauryl sulfate free Cleanser. The right Cleanser ensures you keep your epidermal barrier healthy. I professionally recommend and use my own brand, One Skin pH Wash as it's suitable for all skin types and gentle, yet effective.

Moisturise All moisturisers are not created equal. Look for one that caters to your skin concerns. For oily skin, you don't want to add much oil, but you do want to hydrate. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerine both of which help your skin maintain water.

For dry and sensitive skins you will crave moisture in the form of oil but you are more than likely be dehydrated too, so ideally finding a moisturiser that contains both plant based oils and hyaluronic acid.


Exfoliation is one of the best ways of improving your skin’s texture. Regular exfoliation improves the clarity or your skin, along with increasing new cell formation and stimulating collagen production.

The best exfoliator for dry, flaky and textural issues is a physical scrub style exfoliator. Be careful when selecting this product as many physical exfoliators can be to harsh. Gentle formulations and application is key here.

The best exfoliator for normal, acne, & mature skin is a chemical acid exfoliator. Be careful to select only gentle acids to keep the integrity of you skin in good health.

Top tip: Do not over exfoliate. This will weaken your epidermal barrier leaving your skin vulnerable, weak and barrier function impaired. I recommend once a week.

Sun Protection

Wear Sunscreen SPF30+ Every Single Day

The sun gives off harmful Ultra Violet rays throughout the year. It’s important to protect your skin each and every day, even when it’s cloudy and rainy outdoors.

By protecting your skin from UV damage your skin will be healthier, brighter and keep more youthful. You will reduce signs of photo-ageing including pigmentation, age spots, lines and wrinkles.

Top tip: If you are looking for a ‘glow’ ready for your big day try a professional self/fake tan treatment instead of damaging your skin in the sun or using sun-beds. Be sure to test the colour and application prior to the one before your special day!


The phrase, “you are what you eat” is definitely true when it comes to your skin. A combination of good skincare which works from the outside in and great nutrition which works from the inside out is key.

Make clean eating habits and reducing the amount of sugar and salty foods in preparation to your day will improve your skin, body and mind.

Top tip: My favourite Skin superfoods to detoxify, protect and nourish the skin are Berries, avocado, pineapple, cucumbers, spinach and kale. Add your seeds for protein!


Did you know that we need water present for every process in the body from breathing to digestion? Water is essential to life. Drinking plenty of water every day will not only support your skin but it will also relieve fatigue, brain fog, improve digestion, help with headaches, and boost your immune system.

Top tip: Prepare a jug of 2 Litres of water and drink throughout the day to monitor the amount you are drinking.


When you sweat, you allow your body to flush out all the impurities from pollutants and dirt to old makeup & sebum. Increasing your blood flow is great for your skin cells, it sends more oxygen and nutrients to your cells improving their health.

Top tip: Be sure to Cleanse your face after exercise to remove sweat and toxins, also used a hyaluronic acid based serum to replenish lost water.


There’s a good chance you have heard the phrase ‘beauty sleep”’. However, there is actual science behind this phrase.There are many benefits from getting adequate sleep. A reduction in sleep causes an increase in the number of inflammatory cells in the body. These inflammatory cells cause a breakdown in collagen and hyaluronic acid. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are responsible for providing the skin with hydration and youth.

When we sleep, the levels of growth hormones in our body slowly begin to rise. These increased levels of growth hormones allow the damaged cells of the body to repair themselves. With inadequate sleep this process will not occur and dead cells would accumulate over time. This accelerates the ageing process and further inflammation in the body.

Top tips: Desired sleep is between 7-10 hours. Remove screen time 2 hours before sleep. Do not drink caffeine after lunch. Increase your movement during the day. Relax in a warm bath with magnesium salts and calming essential oils. Read or listening to some relaxing music at bedtime.


Wedding planning can be a stressful time. From meetings with caterers, wedding planners, to often dealing with financial stresses and sometimes demanding guests. Wedding planning can take its toll on your body and your skin. Think about incorporating some of the following therapies to calm your mind.


The powerful health benefits of massage include relief from anxiety and pain. Furthermore, it increases the blood circulation and elimination of toxins improving the health of the skin.

Top tip: Find a compassionate, experienced Massage therapist whom you feel comfortable with to get full benefits from your treatment. A personal recommendation is often helpful.


An effective way to reduce stress and take some me time out is by meditating for at least 15 minutes a day. Find peace, space and time to be with your thoughts.

Top tip: Download a meditation app like Calm or reach out to me. I am a qualified meditation teacher and believe passionately that the body is one whole being and needs treating holistically.


Please do not introduce any new skincare products or treatments within 2 weeks of your wedding day, in case you have a reaction to them.

Make sure you keep hydrating your face and body in the last 48 hours. Drink plenty of water and apply layers of Hyaluronic Acid based serum to allow your make up to have the best canvas.

Do not have a self/fake tan the day before your wedding, give yourself a few days so the colour does not come off on your dress.

Make sure you give your skin time to calm after any waxing or eyebrow shaping prior to the big day.

Most importantly treasure every moment of your day and don’t stress the small stuff! I hope this article has been helpful. Please reach out to me if i can be of any further support. I have put together a collection of my favourite Wedding Prep Skincare products for you.

With love and my congratulations,


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