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It's not just your outfits that need to change in Autumn!

At One Skin HQ we love autumn - it's great to go shopping for a new pair of boots, a winter coat and some chunky knitwear. However, as summer fades away don't forget that you need to switch up and shop for your seasonal skincare too.

As the temperature drops, there are a few things you can do to make sure your skin stays in tip top condition. Changing seasons are one of the biggest external factors that encourage dry skin, now is the time to look at your morning and nighttime skincare routine and make the necessary changes to support your complexion and overall wellbeing.

Why does your skin change with the seasons?

Your skin definitely has a different set of needs - starting with hydration. During autumn and winter the air has less humidity which can upset the skin's balance, and central heating can strip our skin of even more moisture.

Summer Hangover

After a few months of sun exposure, your skin may be thirsty and need for extra nourishment. You can create instant impact by adding 2-3 drops of Omega Facial Oil to your morning pH Cleansing Wash foaming cleanser.

Likewise, as you wash away the day with our sulphate-free pH Wash in the evening, you can tailor it with 2-3 drops of Glycolic Acid Drops before lathering over your face and neck.

Adding a booster to your face wash will remove all traces of your make-up, sebum and pollution while calming sensitivity. This will give it the additional hydration it requires without having to change cleansers.

Exfoliation Station

Trans-seasonal skin can become dry and flaky. Use a gentle exfoliator such as Microdermabrasion Cream once or twice a week to get back in your skin’s good books. This exfoliating superstar uses medical grade aluminium oxide crystals to wash away daily grime and dead cell build up. You can even mix a small amount into your pH Cleansing Wash and gently massage over your face and neck as a supercharged power cleanse.

Your other option is to treat your skin to a weekly Multitude Peel. This is a super-effective weekly multi-acid treatment, containing a powerhouse of effective acids that include Pyruvic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid. In a few short minutes, you'll brighten, stimulate collagen growth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Get rich quick

We all love a lighter moisturiser for the summer months, but now autumn’s arrived it’s time to think about richer solutions. One Skin Hyaluronic Cream is always a best-seller at this time of year as it's a beautiful textured cream enriched with vital compounds to add volume and retain moisture from the air,

Skincare super-ingredients like Vitamin C Drops restore luminosity to dull-looking skin and

Hyaluronic Acid Serum gets moisture locked down! Hyaluronic acid instantly quenches the skin upon application delivering intense hydration where it’s needed most. Hyaluronic acid is the ultimate hydration hero.

Finish off with Omega Facial Oil. There is no better facial oil for leaving the skin wonderfully comforted. This superior fragrance-free Omega Facial Oil is packed with an incredible blend of 18 Active botanical oils, including Squalane, Argan, Amaranth, Jojoba & Linseed oil.

Yes, you still need to use SPF

Just because it's colder, it doesn't mean you can skip the SPF. You should be applying a high quality SPF every single day as part of your skincare routine throughout autumn and winter. Apply it as the very last step in your skincare routine before applying your make-up.

If your skin’s suffering or you’re worried about cold weather taking its toll (or both), these top tips will help your skin survive the transition.

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